Friday, October 2, 2015

Day 1 - Being Mac'ed–Confessions of a Windows aficionado

Unboxing my first Mac today, and thought I would share my experience, as a lifelong Windows aficionado. Writing about the pros and cons, trying to keep an open mind, I have no doubts, I will run into situations where I wished I never made this move.
My employer, IBM, have blessed we with a MacBook Pro Retina 15. (The latest and greatest I suppose :-)
So day 1 – UnBoxing leads to my first confession. What a beauty! And this is strong words from a Windows aficionado, IBM'er, former HP and Compaq, who have been spoiled with the best HW at all times.
I think most people who now me, would go a far as calling me a "Mac hater", but getting this piece of aluminum in my hands, I have to cave in.
Any cons on day one. Really to minor to mention, but compared to my current ASUS Zenbook, I find the keyboard to both harder and more noisy. Can imagine, and hope it will soften a bit, after some use. Sure many keys are missing and in the wrong places. But I knew that and will just have to learn (But why move the @ key, I am sure its most comfortable being on the same key as 2.
Well managed to get through the first boot and setup, without any problems, except I quickly found out that having my full name as "Full name" was not smart, as it is the login you have to enter a lot of times as your credentials. With the help of google, also shortned my account name, as I can imagine having to entering it a lot in terminals, knowing I want to get into the engine room of my Mac.

END NOTE: Back in 1984 I was an exchange student in Colorado Springs, where I took my first computer class. It was Fortran programming using punch cards. In 3rd semester the school got some Apple Macintosh computers. Of course tried them, but no fun at all, as you could not make them print anything! (In Fortran class we sent the punch cards down town for processing, and got the result back on endless paper. Sometimes several miles, when accidently having programmed an endless loop in the print code).
But no kidding. The video shows the first time I have ever turned on a Mac since 1984!

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